Opportunity with hungry Airbnb guests

As an Airbnb host and a guest I do get a lot to identify needs for the users. Being a host I do try to make the guest’s experience better every time. As a marketer I do look for opportunities for the brands involved in my life (can’t really help it, can you?) . I happen to order at least a meal a day from one of the food delivery apps – my current favorite being Swiggy. A lot of guests like to have few meals at home and I always suggest them the app or order for them when the cook isn’t around. ( Swiggy – here is one of your real customer advocate/influencer, with real ROI ;))

All around the world you usually see a stack of take away and delivery menus in an Airbnb. Why not replace it by an app ? The simplest ways could be to put a small card or poster with information about the app and simple CTA to download an app like a QR code. This itself is a great opportunity for the brands in the food delivery business.

Few days ago Furlenco did a brand association with Airbnb India to let hosts rent furniture from them for their listings. As a Zomato, Foodpanda or Swiggy it would be great to explore a similar opportunity with Airbnb India.

Airbnb has all to gain from the association.

Do you see a potential in the idea? Do tell me about it.

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