How to beat the liquor ban on highways?

“Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.”

Robert Kiyosaki

The recent ruling by Supreme Court of India has banned sale and service of liquor 500 meters along the highway. In fact, HRAWI just reacted that this would spell doom for the entire industry with huge losses to businesses and loss of employment. I completely sympathize with thousands of people affected and hope a mutually beneficial resolution is found for this.

Anyways, here is the opportunity – ” BOOZE ON WHEELS”



  • The industry should come together to put forward a proposal to the government about introducing shops, bars and pubs on the wheels ( in trucks, vans or simply ready to move ad shift)
  • The moving bar/shop will be given licenses as per the process of the government ( I know how complex and rigid the laws for licensing are in India)
  • Every bar/shop will be given a GPS locator in the van. This way the government regulatory body would be able to see the location of the bars.
  • They would be assigned certain points and areas where they can operate. Any kind of breaking of law would be tracked and automatically trigger alarms.
  • The regulations can be changed as per the new laws, rulings of the courts – away from the highway, away from schools or away from any Cow!

Technology can be an amazing solution to everything. I would let you run your imagination wild with what other problems it would potentially solve!

Cheers… oops are we supposed to even say that anymore?


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