The viral story waiting to be told

The world is full of stories of stories of our beliefs, faith and aspirations to live a better life. Brands are always on look out tap into these and weave a story around them. In case you don’t know about this place known as Aeroplane Gurudwara, do read ahead.
This is a gurudwara in Punjab in India. People believe that offering a toy plane at this gurudwara gets you a visa. Watch Video – HERE



I mean this is a gold mine for brands to build a story and showcase as a video. Especially in today’s post-Trump world a story like this where thousand of young people want to immigrate to the land of opportunities so desperately that they turn to faith.
Personally, I think Lufthansa would be a great fit for this idea. India has been a key market for them and they have even started doing India-centric creative campaigns on both mainline and digital.  British Airways, KLM are also a natural fit ( all these airlines actually have their named toy planes at the gurudwara). Etihad, Emirates, Qatar could do this too strengthening their emotional relationship with India. Apart from the travel industry brand, a lot of others can find synergies with this idea.
I am sure the creative teams would come up with amazing concepts around this but I am happy to share my personal take on the idea. Feel free to drop a comment or send me an email if you would like to see the small deck I have on this.


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