Diwali Season TVC’s – Ones which will make you slash your wrist!

So the Big Fat Festive Season is here. Diwali season is the biggest celebration time in India, and all the brands try their best to leverage this time and occasion. The Indian customer is ready to hit the market and malls to do their shopping with entire family.

The brands have huge budgets for their marketing campaigns. Switch on to any TV channel or flip through print or be on digital media – you will be bombarded with ads and offers. This time we look at some of the most irritating television commercials.

1. Lenovo – Chances are that if you are watching any channel – you will not miss this particular ad. The bollywood boy Ranbir Kapoor repeating a phrase like a chinese toy robots – ” PC TV PC TV”. This one gets on to your nerves. I would die to know what were the INSIGHTS and the super idea of the creative team of the agency who has done this campaign. When a brand is spending huge amount of money on the big brand ambassador and also spending so much on buying media space they tend to keep all their brains shut , leave alone creative side.

2. Nikon – My first question – What the hell are these firangs doing on Diwali? Aren’t there any Indian actors suitable for taking in ad. Again same idea by the brand – You have Priyanka Choprs – why waste your precious brains.

These certainly are top two TVC from big brands – which make you throw that remote and break the TV screen.

Which one do you think is the worst TVC on air this Diwali?



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