Brand – Surya Roshni

Brand Idea – Lightning Lives of People in darkness. The campaign is to be launched on occasion of Diwali – the festival of lights
Task  – To make the brand synomous with light,joy and happiness. The campaign would also be a CSR initiative.
Surya Roshni should take an initiative where in certain selected villages from Rural India are chosen to put up Street light lamps running on Solar Power on occasion on Diwali. The company is gifting them light in their village on  festival of lights, and lightning their liver forever.
The Tagline
(Now Diwali the entire year)


  1. Seriously this can be implemented by the company. With good PR working in sync, it can provide a lot of exposure to the brand and do a good deal in brand building!


  2. Its a fantastic idea and the best part is that its innovative and actually is adding value to the lives of people..

    But what about the tag line “Ab Har Din Diwali”? I think the copy sounds better


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