Josh Mobile

We got a mail recently from a Senior Marketing Executive from Josh Mobile, asking for a Promotion Idea for their brand on the occassion of Diwali. The time frame has been very short ,but we still have come up with a Small Creative Idea for Outdoor/Print.
Brand – JOSH Mobile
Brand Idea – ” Diwali ka Asli Patakha” ( Diwali’s Real Cracker/Bomb)
TG – Lower Middle Class
Task  – Designing a campaign for Diwali for Marketing and Promotion for the Josh Mobile. The campaign will show that the person who has a Josh Mobile Handset is the Real Hero and a Star.
Stimulus – 1) Diwali Discounts on Mobile Sets
                  2) Bundle Packaged Offers
Response – 1) Brand building of a newly launched mobile handset .
                   2) Increase in sales during and post Diwali
Medium – Print/Outdoor
DiscoveriesTaking in view the TG, the message has to be very simple and straight. Major aspirations are same even across TG’s. The aspiration to be Cool, to be a star and to be seen by the peers as a Trendsetter. The idea has been blended with Diwali showcasing the the mobile user as the real attraction of Diwali.


” In the Middle stands the STAR and HERO of the idea , holding a Josh Mobile Phone in his Hand. A glowing lamp shines on the screen of his handset. 
On both sides of our Hero stands six Beautiful Girls, with body language subtly showing attraction towards our Hero. All the girls hold Diwali lamps in their hands”
 The slogan beneath says :
Josh Mobile


  1. Good work guys .. Have dropped u a mail … Have a look at it .. Its about our upcoming product .. Would be great to hear your views on the same !


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