Launch an Internal Contest and give away Formula 1 India Race Passes to the Winners”
“With TCS being partner with Ferrari and the Formula 1 coming to India this year, what can be the best way to have some internal branding and make the employees love the company more by giving away passes to the race to the winner of a contest”


  1. I would support the idea as it can serve two purposes – 1. It is providing an exposure to all employees about what TCS is doing 2.Increase loyalty and attachment of employees with the company.


  2. Its just an idea we have proposed…:) But yes we feel it is a good internal branding idea for TCS.

    The partnership with Ferrari is a great brand fit and TCS should build on it in all ways.


  3. Out of the box idea may not hit 7 out of 10 times.
    But when it hits , one short makes up for 7 attempts .

    I think TCS should take a note out of it and regain the lost love people had for an IT firm 5-6 years back . It would be a new concept for internal branding by any IT firm .

    Great Idea !! This one is one such short TCS should take up


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