Jawed Habib

” Introduce Jawed Habib range of Hair Styling Accessories “

” Being the name synonymous to beautiful and stylish hair, Jawed Habib should introduce their personal range of Hair Styling Accessories.These could be accessories ranging from hair brushes to rollers to styling instruments. After all, who wouldn’t like to be styled by “Jawed Habib” everyday ! “


  1. The problem here would be
    1. Find a manufacturing partner
    2. Create adequate promotions and spend on advertising for this new line of products
    3. Habib is known for hair styling, not hair styling related accessories. So you need to make that connect
    4. Inventory management: You have to deal with a huge set of logistical issues. I dont see any reason to suggest habib's brand has any expertize in that. It means setting up a totally new operation. Would Habib want to take all that pain?


  2. 1. These accessories can easily be sourced, not a big deal. They already have hair products.
    2. No advertising needed – all these products would be stocked and displayed in Habibs studios…
    3. It will be totally a related extension to the service (remember they have hair product line already)
    4.Again same answer. Don't see if this would be any problem


  3. 1. They can be easily sourced but I believe his clientele would want quality stuff.
    2. Sure, Javed Habib's stores can be used for advertizements. But I am not very sure if only that will suffice.
    3. I agree it's a related extension.
    4. Correct me on this but does Jawed Habib have his own hair product line or do his stores use hair products from other manufacturers?


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