Rahul Gandhi

“Initiate “THE GOOD CITIZEN” Campaign”


We appreciate and support Rahul Gandhi’s vision of bringing in fresh blood into Indian Politics. Keeping  up to his spirit, we think that he  should initiate “The Good Citizen Campaign” to emphasize on ensuring that all young Indians are aware of their Constitutional Rights, Duties and Principles. This campaign could be a good platform for attracting the Indian Youth and encouraging them to make their share of contribution to Indian Politics.


  1. @ Arpith – Thank you for visiting our blog !

    We are just here to generate Marketing Ideas for brands. We view Rahul Gandhi as a brand on his own and are offering him a proposition to enhance the brand. We think that initiating such a campaign can be a good way for him and his party to reach out to their Target Group.


  2. Well- this is indeed turning into political views and opinions… We do not mean to support any party – but we feel every famous personality is a brand, and hence we generate ideas for that brand. The same is applicable to say a Sachin Tendulkar, or SRK


  3. Standbymind, I think people have taken the marketing the wrong way and make it political.. Marketing is really important in any brand, from Obama making statements like “Yes we can” to Indra Gandhi saying “Garibi Hatao”. Its crucial how a politician, like any other subject is presented.

    And the idea is great, good going. And in the end, we don't want to admit but then everyone needs marketing, even the all mighty himself.


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