Costa Coffee

“Introduce ‘Meeting over Coffee’ Menu “

 “With hundreds of corporates and businessmen meeting over coffee during work hours,Costa should introduce a quick menu with easy to choose or a combo offering menu at its selected outlets (near corporate offices/IT parks/Business hubs).”


  1. Yes thats a good idea Abhirup!
    We were referring to that they can launch these menus in cafes close to business houses/office building where a lot of such TG is already coming to discuss business over coffee.


  2. Combos are helpful in the sense that you can make a fast selection. But there is also a feeling of price cutting with combos, bundling together multiple products are a net total price. That might put off corporates. Besides, you will need targeted message to tell corporates that these combos are for them.

    I guess, other than speed, its more important for them to be able to order a drink that looks , sounds posh and commands a premium.


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