” Start serving Light Beer at selected Outlets”

We all love the fresh and healthy subs and salads at the subway. The light beer would be a great thing to have with salads,and go along with the low calorie philosophy of brand.This can be done at selected outlets initially.


  1. @StandbyMind: I agree with that. However, the brand image of Subway in India is that of a restaurant for the young generation, a fast food joint. And they have a lot of kids coming in. By serving alcohol, you change the entire brand positioning. Considering that a lot of Indians still equate the mere consumption of alcohol to alcoholism, serving even beer will result in negative connotations in the minds of large segment of consumers. Just ask a random sample of 20 parents if they would let their kids visit a fast food restaurant that serves alcohol 🙂


  2. Its a healthy fast food joint ,not just any fast food joint. Though it has largest number of stores but it clearly differentiates on healthy food. I agree with you totally that consumption/serving for alcohol in India is linked to alcoholism in society,but things have changed drastically. If you look at the customers they are not just young,but they vary across all age groups – from students to executives to old people. And another important thing is that most of the customers come from urban upscale families. Urban upscale segment is a very progressive segment, and they are moving towards western culture. Serving light beer at selected outlets would really not do any harm.


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