Parle Hippo

” Launch Hippo visuals and advertisements for OOH media”

We think the character “HIPPPO” is really cute and the way it communicates (back of the packet) is awesome. The same visuals can be launched on OOH media across the country.
“Hippo thinks none care about fighting the world’s biggest enemy, hunger”


  1. not really a original marketing idea, adding the idea from mainstream media to ooh would really not add much to it, considering the money being poured into television and print for the same.


  2. Hi guys

    I wonder by the brand name of this product. Now a days the other brands are moving towards low calorie products due to the Physic maintaining mania of the teen agers(TG). where as Hippo indicates a Fat animal. I think it has an adverse effect on the brand building. How a Marketing team cant think of this?



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