“Introduce Heart – Shaped French Fries on Valentine’s Day”
With McDonald’s part of everyone’s lives, what better way to celebrate this Valentine’s day with heart shaped french fries.When Love is in the air, why not give some love in the food too!
Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!


  1. I don't McDonalds would ever do this. You see McDonalds is known for it's fast delivery and extremely low prices. And they do that through standardization.Each and every equipment in a McD outlet comes from MCD and is standardized across all stores and designed to minimize turn around time. So to serve heart shaped wedges they would have to either

    1. Install a new machine for cutting and cooking that shape of wedges: Which means a huge addition cost. Not justified because the machine could be used only for a few days. And McD customers wouldn't want to spend 500 bucks on a packet of wedges so that McD can recoup the investment in a few days

    2. Cut the wedges themselves: Won't work. Standardization is gone and serving time would increase significantly

    McD runs on wafer thin margins (and high operational efficiency) and for them to introduce anything new means the product should be long term and there should be a proven market or high latent need for it


  2. Sir – This is a Marketing Idea. A initiative like this is not meant for expansion through the product. It is a marketing idea to make the customers feel special and get connected to the brand.

    Look at the cost of a TVC. This is an idea which would touch a very personal chord with customer.


  3. Yes it has to.The hear shaped frozen fries can be sources,deep fried in kitchen and taken care of. Its just for a day. The amount of buzz and brand connect it would create would be worth the effort!

    πŸ™‚ Cheers!


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