Hockey India

“Come up with a Reality Show to hunt for a new young Indian Hockey Team”
A panel of veteran Indian hockey players travel across the India to hunt for a new young talented Indian Hockey Team. The reality show would create a great buzz and popularity about the game. Popularity of the game and a fresh new talent for the national hockey team!


  1. I really like the idea of scouting for new players, the show would definately help highlight the talent hidden away + help creating a buzz.


  2. The scouting part is really good man,

    But frankly hockey needs more and more creative inputs in marketing

    – an advertising campaign to create buzz :

    “Live the hockey way”, here everyone is using a hockey stick in some way or the other, eg: a old man using a hockey as a old age stick, a young child using it to pull a kite from a high wire, a mother using it as a broom, a dancer using it in studio as a prop. BUt the movements would be similar to a hockey player. The idea is to say that Indian national game is hockey and its in us, we should live by it..


  3. Great to see that people and thinking and writing abuot hockey rather than cricket.
    Chak de Has played a vital role in bringing the game to common man, once again! And I bet this idea would do wonders and hockey would redeem its status of a national game!
    Good going!


  4. I think more than finding the right talent we can put the existing players in a reality show and position as it a reality show which will give hockey a new edge and will make it more visible as already the branding is really less as compared to cricket we have got talent but some how i feel that due to lack of facilities and politics we are not able to grow.


  5. Yes that can be one idea for the reality show. But the idea we proposed takes a different angle. A panel of veterans looking for a new team. This gives a huge opportunity for creating a big buzz. This would take on emotional,relevance,talent and entertainment factors all. A show which strikes a chord with the young generation.

    In a way it breaks free from old world. The whole legacy of federation. Since “Hockey India” is newly formed – hence the idea for them.


  6. You know it's sad that this national sport has lost it's glory & has lost evrrything.
    So the resurrection of this sport calls for more and more action thats been proposed here man! and am regretful to say this of a sport that had won numerious laurels in the late 50s ubtil the 60s when it was on its acme of success & recognition…

    Can't these Salmans and thir ilks buy couple of clubs rather than suporting an already hyped IPL? Ya realityu show hunt is good, but most of the things we dsee i such shows are pre-scripted and staged. So i dont know how long would such players be on natl radar… Think of Abhijeet Sawant,etc and u get the drift. BEFORE EVERYTHING, we shd ensure it gets freed from bureocracy, politician's filthy grasp etc. I cuyd have said a lot more , but i wd love to read ur othr ideas, rather go on with my sobbings. haha. 😉


  7. Yes I agree. But the main idea here to market hockey. To create a buzz amongst the youth. To provide hockey the lost charm amongst the new generation. The reality show is just a platform to create and achieve that.


  8. It is really a brilliant idea for marketing. It is great to see people thinking about the national sport. When i think of cricket, i am compelled to think of the factors which made it so famous in India. Thrill and excitement are the driving factors behind the popularity of cricket. Once cricket was losing this charm in the form of test cricket, it introduced a new version -One day cricket,and when this form saw decline in the popularity, 20-20 was on the fields.In this section i found hockey lagging. It is carrying the same old format from decades. So i feel the scope of experiments regarding the format of the game.


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