Milk Bikis

“Sponsor the Mid Day Meal program by partnering with National Literacy Mission in India”


Britannia should sponsor the mid-day meals in schools by providing them with Milk Bikis, partnering with National Literacy Mission in India. This would be a great Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. This will show their contribution for nurturing the children and future of the country.


  1. this is a nobel idea but hw do u suppose that students dependent on mid day meals can think of buying britania….and if it is for others to see then who is actually getting benefitted ? who is the target customer …? think on this guys gud idea but be more focused..

    Sr manager Marketing & Sales


  2. @Anonymous

    1.Britania is sponsoring the Mid- day meal programe. This can be done in two ways:
    a)providing kids with a small pcket of milk bikis with meals.
    b)Providing certain funds/contributions to mid day meal program.

    2. The idea is here is to not to sell, but partner with national literacy mission. This would be a CSR initiative for britannia.

    3. This would boost the Milk Bikis as a socially rsponsible, caring, and conributing to the future of India – brand.

    4. The TG is same as now. The idea is to strengthen the brand name amongst the consumer's mind. Since Milk Bikis positions itself as a biscuit with health and nutririon for growing kids – we think this idea is very appropriate and a good fit for the brand.


  3. Hey Aman,

    One very good idea would be to penetrate into rural markets as the next big thing is rural markets only and project the brand by linking it up with a social event like this literacy mission is fab its just that above the line activites just go above the head of rural people. 🙂

    keep marketing


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