L’Oreal Consumer Products

Introduce a New Range of Cosmetics for  Teens”

With the teens emerging as the next generation stars , its time L’Oreal introduces a brand new line of cosmetics for teens in India. After all who wants to still  borrow  mommy’s lipstick and elder sister’s rouge? Aren’t they worth it too?


  1. Quite a awesome idea. But I'm not sure if it should be for a high end brand like loreal. Maybe if its high end then the range would be more expensive. How about the same range being produced by lakme?


  2. @ Garima
    Thanks ! 🙂

    @ Akshay
    I agree that it would be expensive. And it should be. After all L'Oreal is a high end brand. But when it comes to kids and teens I am sure no parent would hesitate to trade a few extra bucks for the safety of their child's skin. As w.r.t. Lakme, yes, it can be a suggestion. But as compared to L'Oreal, Lakme is a much concentrated brand. After all, L'Oreal is a pro in catering to different and diverse markets with equal elan.


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