ITC Wills

“Introduce Special Cigarette for Women”

After getting all the men hooked into Wills range of cigarette – its time ITC introduces special cigarettes for women. Indian women are already into smoking – why let them buy foreign cigarettes or regular cigarettes. Tap the segment!


  1. I think a range of flavoured cigarettes would serve this segment well…. Unlike men women like to experiment and like a hint of vanilla, chocolate in their smoke…. I'd say flavoured wills all around! – From one Jobless Marketer to Another Jobless Marketer


  2. Well this seems a great idea…I love gals who smoke..n idea of introducing a Brand exclusively for women is certainly a gud one…u guys r real MBAs yaar….keep going wid ur gr8 work….


  3. Hi folks

    ITC have already lunched cigarettes for women. Its under Classic brand. Flake, Gold Flake are the brands to concentrated semi-urban and rural people. People are taking it in cities those are from rural base but later on the shift to other Hi-Fi brands like B & H, Classic etc. N I believe those gals who are interested in smoking are of high profile and metrosexuals and well versed with bigger brands. So the same initiative is already taken by ITC by launching womenly packaged and designed under the brand Classic since 2008. Although it was a flop idea be cause today gals are competing boys equally. Are not they???? 🙂


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