Cafe Coffee Day

“Introduce ‘My Mood Today ‘ Cups”

We start of with one of the brands closest to our heart. CCD should go one step ahead in customer personalization by serving them coffee in new “My Mood  Today Cup” – Happy,Sad,Angry,Naughty – by depicting smileys and text on mugs they choose.



  1. Brilliant Idea. I liked this one a lot. Different days,different moods, different mugs.Would make my day at CCD really interesting at the same time serve as an instrument of joy and bonding with fellow coffee drinkers at CCD.


  2. Hey awesome .. also to add to it we can have theme corners say for a bad mood corner, u can have a theme some kinda relaxing songs for making ur mood better, after all thats y u go to CCD Experince, so the waitress who comes to take order, the furniture, the decoration all will be based on ur mood theme … All in all the cups idea rocks !!!!! Kudos !


  3. mood cups idea rocks!!!
    Just one suggestion – We can have “Relationship Status mugs” Like one colour for committed people, another for single, committed but still interested, DESPERATE to find one & many others like that !!!!


  4. Hi m a NITIE student…

    wud appreciate ur initiative ..all the ideas are cool.
    Especially this concept of takin a brand and how to Promote it better is interesting.

    Thnks 🙂


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